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Feb 3, 2022
Technical Brief addressing Stakeholder engagement for gender-responsive health research, authored by Alex Berryhill and Lorena Fuentes, Ladysmith (November 2021). The brief was developed in partnership with Gender at Work for The International Development Research Centre’s (IDRC) Global South AI4COVID Program, among which is the COAST project. The brief highlights some of the strategies we (COAST project) are taking for stakeholder engagement in our research.
Feb 8, 2022
COAST project’s Dr. Daudi Jjingo was part of the expert group that reviewed the World Health Organization’s Ethics and governance of Artificial Intelligence for health guidelines. The report identifies the ethical challenges and risks with the use of artificial intelligence of health, six consensus principles to ensure AI works to the public benefit of all countries. It also contains a set of recommendations that can ensure the governance of artificial intelligence for health maximizes the promise of the technology and holds all stakeholders – in the public and private sector – accountable and responsive to the healthcare workers who will rely on these technologies and the communities and individuals whose health will be affected by its use.